Though weddings are an important event in anyone’s life, what leads up to it is a period of excitement and anticipation that’s like no other. Engagement can be summed up as two people getting ready to fully enter a formal relationship. It’s a period of intense planning and joy for the couple and their families. In recent times, it’s become very popular for engaged couples to take pictures commemorating that magical moment when they said “yes” to each other over a diamond ring. Then there are many who simply want some nice pictures with their significant other to keep in their photo album. Whichever scenario is valid to you, you can count on me to guarantee the highest possible level of photography to capture the love you two share.


Framing love

There is one underlying purpose in all engagement or couple photography – freezing that magic, chemistry, love between those two people in time. There isn’t one right way to capture it, nor is there a specific place that can make it easier. Whether it takes place by the lake, in the mountains, or even in the comfort of your own home, what matters is that the photoshoot itself is natural. As a photographer, I try not to give my clients much in the way of direction. The best types of couple photographs are private, intimate scenes that simply happen in front of my camera. A good photographer is not a middleman between the two lovebirds – they’re meant to be an onlooker immortalising that magic as it happens.

It’s all in the detail

Though the magic that happens is all yours, it’s up to the photographer to make sure the backdrop compliments it perfectly. With an eye for detail, I can make sure that everything around you will only serve to amplify the love you have for each other on the resulting photograph. Whether it’s the gorgeous landscape, intriguing architecture, or simply some object that you value, engagement photographs require just as much effort and care as regular wedding photographs in terms of the value of detail. In the end, it’s the tiny subtleties in the way you dress, the way you smile, as well as everything around you that make up that magical image that will be preserved for many years to come with your engagement photographs.

The essence of being human

We all want to look perfect on photos, but it’s in the imperfections and slight disproportions that we all really shine. After all, it’s what sets you apart from the others, and what your significant other love about your looks. With an eye for detail, as a photographer, it is my job to capture all of those tiny details that make your relationship unique. After all, it’s those tiny details that really make us who we are, and since nothing is as human as love, engagement photos are a fantastic way for us to remind ourselves not only of the love we have, but also who we really are as people. It’s a time that’s definitely worth commemorating, no matter how long you’ve been together.

Your engagement is a story that is just waiting to be told. Make sure yours is told well with a professional photographer.

Kind Words...

Renata did a fantastic job taking photos of our special day. She was extremely nice and we felt very comfortable around her. The pictures turned out amazing. Thanks a lot!

Gretchen Myers

Our engagement photographs turned out fantastic, all thanks to Renata. She has an amazing eye for detail and captured all the magic in the moment. She was so pleasant to be around that it felt like we were being photographed by an old friend.

Melissa Fitzpatrick

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