About me

Renata Pawlikowska

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.” ­ Aaron Siskind

Life is filled with special moments. Whether it’s a wedding or simply a nice stroll with a loved one,  there are specific times of your life that you may wish to preserve for the future, so that you can come back to them more easily. I am here to help you achieve that.

My name is Renata and photography has been passion for as long as I can remember. For all my life, I’ve been taking in the world around me at every turn, always searching for new ways of capturing every beautiful moment. There is so much life and beauty in the world, but so little time to really  take it in. This inspired me to become a photographer – this desire to capture every possible moment and preserve it and all of its beauty forever. That’s what led me to discover my dream job that only keeps getting better with every passing year. Everything about it inspires to me to keep looking further for more beauty and life in the world that surrounds us. That is the essence of photography to me.

I am a professional photographer based in Berkshire, focusing on wedding and engagement photographs. I have great experience in the field and can guarantee that my photos will prove to be the best possible recreation of the magical moments you go experience together. Though Berkshire is where I operate from, I can take on jobs all over the UK, and even in places outside of it. I am always happy to travel and see new places for myself, with new landscapes serving as fantastic inspiration for my work.

No matter where you are, I’ll be there for you to freeze all those special moments in time. In all my photographs, I pay great attention to detail, making sure to capture every last ounce of love and happiness on film.

I believe that every couple’s life together is a story that needs to be told. And I cannot wait to tell yours.

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